Sunday, November 15, 2009

Photo Shoot

So, a week ago I had family pics done and also pics of me and kyle. First of all, let me start by saying that Kyle was not overly thrilled at doing this. Not sure what he was expecting, but it wasn't as bad as he thought.

We started off the photo shoot at the Tai Arabia ranch out in Logandale. It is beautiful! We had so much fun. We just laughed and played the whole time. Which, to me is when the best pictures are taken. After that we headed up by the high school where in someones side yard were the most beautiful and colorful leaves I've seen here in this dry desert! That is where we finished off the be later continued with me and my four babies. More pics soon to follow.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mommy Moments

Ok, so total mommy moment I wasn't prepared for. Austin came home this weekend from his dads. As soon as he said hello I noticed. His freakin voice is changing. NOOO, not my baby. I mean, I knew it was coming and was even happening a little (this little thing called puberty) but i never had to deal/see the effects until now. Just made me a little sad. He is growing up so fast and I don't like it. And for those of you who don't know, he will be thirteen in a week and a half. God, save me from pubescent teenagers!! I used to be one, so i know what i'm talkin about!!! :)

On a different note, it is super bowl sunday. Had to post a pic of all the peeps at my house wearing the goofy 3d glasses....yes, i am among those peeps!! I really could care less about this game, but my hubby was excited to have some of our friends over. It's fun getting to hang with friends, but football....YuCK!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mommy and Tanner Day

So, two days ago I only had one baby at home with me during the day. Holy cow....what a change. I am used to having 2 sometimes 3 home at all times. It made me realize that i had no idea how easy life was when I only had one baby. And to think that back then i thought life was hard w/ just the one. How WRONG I was!! Anyway, it was mommy and Tanner day. I love that little dude. To start the day we started painting baseboards and door casings. Doesn't sound like much fun, but he LOVED it! Then it was off to Mickey d's. And of course what kid doesn't love that place? Then to finish off, we played at the park. He absolutely loves the "twisty" slide. It was such a fun day.
Now on to me. I'm deciding that its time for some exercise in my life. So, decided to start walking and hopefully end up running. But baby steps is def the way i'm gonna have to go. I seriously HATE running. But i need to implement some cardio into my life since heart disease runs rampant in my fam. My lovely father is one of the "culprits" of this said heart disease. That is why he is going to be walking w/ me. Hopefully mon-fri up at the h.s. on the track. Did it yesterday and it felt so good. Although my kids quickly got bored. We even brought their bikes. Well, it was only Tanner that was bored....imagine that!!

Friday, January 16, 2009


So, today is mine and Jason's 7 year anniversary. I can't believe how fast time flies. Altho at times it seems as tho we have been married forever. When we came home from the mountains all hell broke loose. How is it that when our kids are being watched by others, they are complete angels. But when we get them back, they turn into spawns of the devil? Holy, Tanner is really trying my patience tonight. But, I am glad to be back to them. Such is life....

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

About me

So, I've been hearing about this blogging thing, but never really paid much attention....So out of the loop! So, I will recap on the last year or so of my crazy life. We sold our house in Vegas in June of '07 and moved out to Overton. Our land had finally been subdivided and now it was hurry up and wait for Clark County to approve our building plans. If any of you have had to deal with Clark County, it is a freaking joke. Our subdivision took 2.5 years to get approved. So as you can imagine i pretty much new our building plans would get approved in about....never!! Ha Ha....But to my surprise they were out of county within 4 mo. So, we finally started construction on our dream home in October of 2007!!!

Building our home was to say the least....a nightmare. I NEVER want to do that again. Just the amount of stress it puts on you is enough to kill you. Especially since we did owner/builder. And the amount of stress it put on my marriage was a whole differnt story. But, we made it through and i absolutely LOVE my house.

We finally finished it in April of 2008. It really is our dream home. We designed every bit of it to fit our style and our family! It is 4,700 sq ft of living space, and a total of 6,011 including garage and porches. And for my hubby....he had a 2,100 sq ft "shop" built out back. He definatley deserves it!!

I have been very blessed being able to be a stay at home mommy. We have 4 beautiful children...Austin who is 12, Lexi is 6, Kambree is 4 1/2 , and Tanner is 3. I definately have my hands full, but i adore my babies and have a blast with them.

Me and Jason have been married for 7 yrs this friday. (Jan. 16). I couldnt have asked for a better husband. He is so good to me and puts up with all of my randomness. He is an unbelievable father. He adores and loves his babies with all of his heart.